Inplay King

The home of inplay football statistics

With over 15 of the most sought after stats for live matches, updated in near real-time - why would you ever leave?

Over 15 Stats

We provide over 15 different stats for all of our matches, giving you all the power you need to turn a profit.

Near Real-Time Updates

All of our stats update just a few seconds after an inplay event - only the best for our players.

Exclusive Groups

Our members have the option to join our exclusive private groups to share their knowledge and play together.

The Dashboard

Say hello to your new favourite page on the internet; the Inplay King dashboard.

Inplay King Screenshot

We've given our full attention to creating a friendly and warm dashboard for our users to interact with.

With easy on the eyes colour schemes, fully customisable stats, simple drag & drop table reordering, and real-time feedback for all actions, we're sure you will love using our inplay table.

Match Pinning & Highlighting

A common issue with a lot of online tools which display lots of information at a glance is struggling to keep track of what is peaking your interest. That's why we've made it simple to pin matches to the top of your table, and not only pin them to the top of your view but also highlight specific matches in a range of subtle background colours for easy recognition in the heat of the action.

User Friendly Table

We've made it unbelievably easy to customise your table the way you like it. Want to see attacks but not corners? Fine. Want to see SOT before team names? Sorted. Want to only see matches which have at least one goal and seven corners? No problem!

Match Progressions

You may of noticed in the screenshot above that we don't only offer fully qualified statistics for all of our matches, but we also offer a more in-depth view of how a match is progressing.

We call this in-depth view Match Progressions. Using this innovative feature you are able to see exactly how many times each team has performed a given stat within the past x minutes. We allow you to choose from any of the stats we provide, and a time range of either 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes! With even just one of these fancy columns you will level up your trading game more than you could of ever imagined. (We don't cap you at one either!)

Match Filtering

We understand that offering potentially over 100 games at once helps to cover most of our users interested games, but we're sure YOU won't be interested in all the matches we report on, all of the time. That's why we've introduced match filtering.

Using our match filtering settings you can tell us exactly what matches you're interested in, and you won't see any matches which don't fit your exact requirements.

We don't just limit you to team stats either, we allow you to tell us whether you'd like only matches with four attacks from the home team, or perhaps more than one SOT from the away team. Maybe less than two goals in total from both teams? Or maybe even look for matches which have one home goal and four corners from either the home team or the away team - no problem at all! Mix and match until your heart is content.